Jewelers Row USA Disclaimer

Buying jewelry is (Surprise!) like buying anything else. You should become knowledgeable enough to make an informed purchase, and deal only with those whose reputation you trust. I wouldn't knowingly promote or advertise for any jeweler I had reason to distrust, but in truth, I've only purchased from Barsky's, BJ's Wholesale Club, and Target.

While the image of each of these stores is very different, I was perfectly happy with each purchase. (Platinum engagement and wedding rings at Barsky's, diamond earrings at BJ's, and a very nice silver heart necklace at Target--for about $16.

For some general advice on buying jewelry, check out this guide from the FTC.

Note to Jewelers:  If you've got a guide or video that is educational in nature, I'd be glad to consider posting a copy on this site or linking to your preferred location.  I respectfully request that to you submit only materials that are at least 90% educational in nature.